History residence in S. Cristina Val Gardena

The Residence Sovara over time, from the field to the house of a German family of doctors to today's apartment house with spa area

St. Christina 1930
S. Crestina 1930

The field, where now the Residence Sovara stands, was shut down in later years. The Ladin name "SO VARA" originates from it (below the closed field).

St. Chrestina 1972 - 1979
1972 - 1979

A German medical family built a small house in 1972. The "Villa Ursula" was named after the owner, Mrs. Ursula Greiner.

St. Chrestina 1979

In 1979, the Greiner’s sold the villa to the sculptor Master Karl Demetz and wife Margherita.

St. Chrestina 1983 - 1999
1983 - 1999

In 1983, the villa was rebuilt and extended to 6 new apartments.

St. Chrestina 1999 - 2010
1999 - 2010

1999 another house was added (reception, sauna and small apartments), which was connected by an outer passage with the first one. The hotel category was brought to 4 stars. In 2005 daughter Sybille took the lead.

Juli 2010
July 2010

In three-month construction period the old wing was completely renovated. The two houses became a single complex due to the expansion of the connecting tract, consisting of massage- and panorama-relax-room and the beautiful panorama suites.

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